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#FoodieSnaps: Casa D’Lydia

Hey Guys!!!

Meet Kehinde of Bonita Valli as she gives us her quick review of Casa D’Lydia


Last Saturday, I was meeting the BF’s sister for lunch. She’s lived out of Nigeria for a while and we’d only just really met, so I decided I’d take her somewhere I felt comfortable, but also somewhere she’d feel at home and welcome. The Casa D’Lydia Bistro was the obvious choice. Keep reading and I’ll tell you why…

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Healthy Munching with Diet Munchers

So I decided to try something new and this time, my work lunch was from Diet Munchers (“DM”). They had been popping up on my Instagram and some Snap Chat users had put up pictures of their food from DM. So I tried it out especially as pictures on their website and instagram looked really good and more like home-cooked meals.

DM Site

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Smokey Bones Review

One of my followers on Instagram and another on Twitter had suggested I visited Smokey Bones (“SB”). SB has been around since last year but had a proper launch  in April 2015 according to one of their staff but I only just knew about it few months ago thanks to followers of the blog – Shoutout to our lovely readers!

I had seen some web flyers and stumbled on their website. The pictures looked mouth – watering and food looked very sticky just how I like it sometimes. Lol.

Went to SB on a Friday evening after work hoping to chill and have some good food. Locating this place took a while and I had to make a phone call to SB that we were struggling to find their spot. SB is in the corners of corners in VI and was almost like a treasure hunt.

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Work Lunch – Lets Couscous Shall We?

Today’s review is on Green & Grill House’s (“GGH”) Stir-fry Shrimp Couscous and Oven Grilled Chicken Wings – sounds yummy right?

First of all, very busy people have time to cook and pack their lunch to work and trusting Lagos, there is always someone thinking about how to create services to cater to such. Its even worse when you are trying to eat right and be fit especially with all those sinful bukkas around the offices and the mediocre lunch provided in office cafeterias. Once upon a time, I was trying to be FitFam and found out about GGH. Green & Grill House is a healthy meals outlet and started out doing deliveries of salads and expanded to having an actual location where you can now sit in and eat your meals.

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Restaurant Review – Izanagi

Izanagi is a Japanese restaurant  by Piccolo Mondo and also has some affiliation with BlowFish – I guess same ownership.

Nom Nom

Izanagi is one of those places I go to for quality sushi in Lagos and if it is good, I will make so much noise about it till you go. I remember when I told Yewande of SLTFT about getting Sushi in Lagos some years back, she was in disbelief  but this is what she had to say here  and I ended up having a mini review in the comment section.

Based on my Sushi experiences in Lagos, Izanagi is top on the list and undoubtedly #1. You can easily tell it was well thought out from the decor to the uniforms of the staff and general look and feel.

So yes people! There is sushi in Lagos which is done under the best hygienic conditions (I hope, because I have not had any issues yet and I have the most sensitive tummy ever). Most sushi bars make the sushi in front of you and not behind closed doors in a kitchen so you can judge for yourself.

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