Restaurant Review: Rhapsody’s Bedfordview, Ikeja

Hi guys, so this is the first post on Foodie in Lagos (“FIL”) and basically just giving my two cents on places I go to eat.  Let’s see how this goes right!!! I will be giving unbiased reviews… Welcome to FIL!!!

During the Christmas holidays I was not able to go on my Foodie Patrol and just waited till the New Year. I recently visited the Ikeja City Mall with my friend Moji and I must say, it’s packed with all sorts of restaurants. So I did a random selection and walked into Rhapsody’s.

Rhapsody’s is part of the South African Rhapsody’s chain. I did a little background on them and found that they are also in Accra, Lusaka and Brooklyn.

I’m a sucker for décor and the first thing that caught my eyes was how beautifully decorated the restaurant was. The stylish tables, chairs, lighting, music all created the perfect ambience. I was not able to get a proper shot of the Rhapsody’s on my camera.

Now to the food, Moji and I ordered chicken spring rolls for starters and it was really good with proper fillings and visible chicken (lol). Its annoying when you go to some places (not mentioning names) and order spring rolls and all so you see is vegetables especially when its meant to be chicken, fish or prawns. The spring rolls came with some side sauces – chilli and soy.



For the main meal, I had mashed potatoes with ¼ chicken. It really was not bad but I did not enjoy it per se. The chicken could do with some more moisture as it was dry and not well spiced and it was really just there for me. The Chapman was also just fair.


It looks so good right?

While at Rhapsody’s, I bumped into another friend of mine who is a regular there and he recommended the steak! So next time, I shall be having that as he says I can’t go wrong with that choice. I could also tell by some comments I got on instagram that so many people have not enjoyed the food at Rhapsody’s… Oh well

In terms of service delivery, the waiters are really nice and all smiles but they were quite slow with the food and it was not exactly a busy day but why the food took so long, who knows. Maybe they had to go and catch the chicken and kill it on the spot. I will definitely be going back to Rhapsody’s ‘coz the atmosphere is really chilled and appeals to me. Oh I nearly left out one important thing – price. It’s decent.

Verdict: I’d give this an FIL 3.5 out of 5

Rhapsody’s is at  the Ikeja City Mall on Obafemi Awolowo way, Ikeja

Big shout out to Bayo Rotilu of Twelve05 Photography for the amazing pictures

I’d love to read your comments. Have you been to Rhapsody’s? did you like it? Please share 🙂


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