Restaurant Review: Las Iguanas, Westfield Mall, Stratford, London

Hi guys!!

Apologies for FIL being away for a bit. Anyway, FIL is back and hopefully we stay and give you some good reviews on our foodieventures.

Currently on holiday and decided to go on a foodieventure after shopping for hours and voila after a random selection, walked right into Las Iguanas. At first I was wondering if I would like the food there and then took a peek at the menu and went for it. Las Iguanas is a mixture of Mexican, Latin and Brazilian I believe as thats the message their menu passes across. Just before the food came, a little accident occurred and I was very impressed by how the staff handled it and made sure their guests did not feel their safety was threatened in any way and also offered complimentary free cocktails. That definitely scored them some points in my books.


So for starters, my friends and I had their tapas – Nachos, Chicken Wings and Calamares (Calamari)… The Nachos were divine..Yes! Divine is the word. Well baked and crunchy. As for the chicken wings, well made, juicy and all the works and the calamares were just fine.


The Nachos were just so perfect. I had some Nachos last autumn at Harvesters and I was blown away and was bent on going to Harvesters again this time until today when I had the Nachos at Las Iguanas… All I can say is ‘No going back’. Just look at this beauty in a pan!


For drinks, this was the best part! At Las Iguanas, Happy Hour is round the clock with a buy one and get one free on all cocktails. We had the Strawberry Red (highly recommended) and the Mango cocktail which pretty much is just the Mango version of the Strawberry Red


Now on to the main course, I had the Churrasco Fiasco – Honey Glazed Rump Steak on skewers with Cassava Fries. The meat was well cooked but I struggled a bit partly because I’m recovering from a tooth extraction done recently but I did get a good bite on the juiciness of my meal. The sauce was equally lovely as well.Image

My friend had for her main course, a selection from the flames – Blazing Bird with honey peri-peri sauce and this came with fries and coleslaw. The chicken was the business and was so right in all the ways possible. From the taste to its moistness and its seasoning. Perfect! It was perfectly cooked.


After having all these to eat, it was difficult to shy away from having sweets… So Dessert was next with an average range of selections to make from the menu. We had the Dulce De Leche Macadamia Cheesecake. This hit the spot! it was so so so so good and the crust was perfect.


As you can guess, after this meal we really could not stand or walk. It was a really good meal.

So before we get too carried away, this is our verdict

Verdict: This gets a FIL 4.4/5

The ambience was not too bad as this was situated in a public place (the mall), the staff were friendly and always checked to be sure we were alright. The timing between ordering and delivery of the meal was well scheduled and there were no queues. I definitely would be visiting Las Iguanas again most likely trying out their other outlets.


Have you been here? Kindly share your experiences with us.


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