Restaurant Review: Red Lobster, Dubai Mall, UAE

Hello there! Hope you’ve had a chilled weekend. 🙂

I’ve always wanted to go to Red Lobster (“RL”) but for some reason, something always came up. So this time, I was on a mission not to leave Dubai without having some RL as I’m a big fan of sea food.

Again, this was in a mall (Dubai Mall) and the set up was not bad too. Just before the major seating areas was a tank with Lobsters 🙂 and this really was the catch for me to have live lobsters that I could point and eat!



The waiter nicely escorted my friends and I to our table and took our orders. Shortly after we were given complimentary salads as starters which was yummy by the way.


For proper starters we ordered the Lobster-Crab-and-Seafood-Stuffed Mushroom. At first we were wondering how that combination was going to work but it did. Yum!


For drinks, it so happens that they hardly or don’t sell alcoholic beverages maybe because its DXB and even though I had a mojito, it was a virgin one which was quite good.


For the main courses, we ordered different things so as to have a variety.

TK: Lobsters lover dream which apparently was like the hottest thing on the menu. This had a tend split, maine lobster, rock lobster tail, signature lobster and shrimp pasta (whew!)

Dams: Chefs signature lobster and shrimp pasta

Dots: Wood grilled chicken with cajun and mushroom sauce


After having the lobsters love dream, i could understand why it was hot on RL’s menu. Its a good mix of everything on one plate! and for AED60, it was not bad at all. Well seasoned and the works. Dots and Dams food were equally on point but Dams was playing it safe by just going for pasta.

After having bites here and there, we were really full and skipped dessert.

We really did enjoy our food. WillI I be going back to RL? Definitely


Verdict: This gets an FIL 4/5. Lovely staff, lovely food and awesome service. Total damage was AED199 (c.USD54)

Any sea food lovers?? Been to RL? Tell us more.


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