Korean Day, Woo Jung -우 정에서 한인의 날

Hi there!

New week new post new foodiventure… lol

So Princess of thatreofshunshine put me a social media blast and this post just had to come out asap because I already feel the pressure :). She had hit me up asking if I was down for some Korean food and I’m like ‘Yes please!!!”

I had never had Korean food and a lot of times I always wondered what was the difference between Korean food and Chinese food. I mean, they are all of Asian descent right?

Whenever I am in any restaurant and I see natives of the type of food I am about to eat in that place, it’s a good indicator that the food must be so good. So we were a party of five and Korean it was! Whoop!

So first things first the greatest things have the most deceptive looks as its really nothing fancy. The entrance to Woo Jung was so simple. A green simple door with windows and it did not look like it would be big inside but it had two floors and that was fine and was filled with Koreans (Good sign!)


Woo Jung Exterior
Source: Woo Jung’s Google+

Taking a look at the menu, to my surprise, it was reasonably priced for authentic Korean cuisine. We were served some bean sprouts and I passed on starters because I was so hungry. For main course I had some pork and princess had chicken with a bowl of rice. Princess had the Kampoong – lightly battered chicken and I had the Jeyuk Bossam – steamed pork with spicy sauce (yum yum!) My first bite on my meal was just a glorious moment and I think I might start cheating on Chinese with Korean. It was so tasty!


It was like the waiter could tell I came hungry and in about 12 minutes of taking our order, we had our food (plus!).This is weird but I really liked that their ‘chopsticks’ were metallic and were more like skewers though.


In summary I totally enjoyed my meal here and will totally recommend it to anyone in London looking to have some nice and authentic Korean food. I feel like I can smell the food as I type this… lol.

in-summary - Copy

Verdict: This gets an FIL 4.3/5. Lovely staff, tasty food!!!! 

Tip: Try the Korean pancake.

Woo Jung is at 59 St Giles High StreetLondon WC2H 8LH


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