Restaurant Review – Cabana Brasilian Barbecue, Westfield Mall, Shepherds Bush, London.

Hi there!

FIL has been away for a bit. I do apologize. Today we go to ‘Brasil’ with the spicy and extra meaty style of food.

There are very few places I love to go to have a decent meal in London and it did not hurt to try to do a little bit of shopping, catching up with few friends and filling our bellies too at the same time. Today’s quick review is on Cabana, in Westfield Mall at Shepherds Bush in the city of London.


This was my second time at Cabana and it is one of those places that has alot of positive vibe and happy in its atmosphere. Before I say more, the skewers here are the best! Yum!

Interior at Cabana

Interior at Cabana

Now on to the menu, we were really hungry and skipped starters lol. I think we had what I think I can say is one of the best items on the menu but with different sides. The Spicy Malagueta Chicken is a  whole skewer of spicy, sticky chicken, marinated in Cabana’s spicy malagueta sauce and this is just £8.95. The waiters bring the skewers around and put it in the plates to eat with your choice of sides.

Chicken in Skewers in the plate

The side they have available are – French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Cassava Chips, Buttered Corn on the Cob, Biri-Biro rice. I had the corn, while Princess of thatreofsunshine had the Biro-Biro rice and the rest of the guys had the cassava chips and sweet potato fries.

Sides at Cabana

The Chicken was so awesome, so rightly made, juicy, succulent and sooooo moist that I was even complaining that the portions were tiny. Yes people! The chicken is soooooo goood but oh so little 😦

The corn was great and so were the cassava chips. Princess loved her Biro-Biro rice and Cabana needs to let me in on the secret behind one of its sauces – The Malagueta Sauce!!!!… Absolutely amazing! (the sauce is spicy and also sweet)

Sauce of Life


This reminded me of Tandi Guarana I had as a child.... Yum!

This reminded me of Tandi Guarana I had as a child…. Yum!

We loved this place alot and it was good value for money although I wish the portions were more – Cabana please take note :). In terms of ambience, it is well decorated but poorly lit and tends to be noisy. This is probably dependent on the day of the week and time and bearing in mind that this location was in a mall, what were we really expecting.


Verdict: All in all, this gets a FIL 4/5. Awesome food!

Have you been to Cabana? What did you think? Any points? Do share, will love to hear from you.

Well fed!

Well fed!


2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Cabana Brasilian Barbecue, Westfield Mall, Shepherds Bush, London.

  1. I love this restaurant. Great Brazilian food especially the feijoada and those sweet potato fries!!!!!! I can snack on those all day long! I have my own version of the malagueta sauce and it goes very well with fish, chicken, beef and as a dip!!! Yummy!!!

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