Restaurant Review – Crust and Cream, Lagos

Hello! How was your Valentine’s day/weekend? Lots of food or dry and boring?  Today on FIL, we bring you a review of Crust and Cream (“C&C”) located in Lagos, Nigeria.


I first knew about C&C when I took drives on Musa Yaradua Street and had seen the signs about them opening soon. They finally opened and I found them on Instagram and speaking of Instagram, I personally think it is very important to have your restaurants on social media and all. It really helps. Anyways I had pretty much liked all their pictures on Instagram and it was about time I saw what it was about 🙂


Pastry stand

C&C is a combination of bakery, pastry and a bistro and I guess they refer to themselves as full service. The atmosphere in C&C when walking in was interesting as there was a paint session going on by ‘Paint the Night’. One thing that struck me about this place was how well lit it was and the space! Very well managed space I must say. In terms of décor, they had such lovely art works displayed on the walls in most areas. They also had a secluded dark lit room – ‘The smoking lounge’

C&C Art

Smoking Lounge

Smoking Lounge

Anyway on a random evening, BK and I went to C&C very hungry so do not judge us (lol)


  1. Buffalo wings (about 7/8 pieces, N2,000)
  2. Mozzarella Sticks (5 pieces, N2,200)



Thoughts: We did not really enjoy the Mozzarella sticks maybe because we’ve had better but the Buffalo wings were awesome (I licked my plate…Yes!)

Started Damage

After. X_X

Main Dish:

  1. Roasted Chicken – Spiced marinated half chicken, sautéed mixed vegetables served with rice (N3,900)
  2. Sicily Lamb (House special) – Marinated lamb chop on a bed of mixed vegetables with pepper mint sauce served with rice (N6,800)

Sicily LambRoast Chicken

Thoughts: Personally, I judge a place a lot by how well done the Lamb is and at first bite, I’m like woah! It was so juicy and just right. I had asked that the chef cooked it medium well done (did not want to see blood) and it was just right. I did not like the sauce as it was not the sort of mint sauce I was used to and tasted more like curry. I relied more on the pepper sauce from the wings and it was spicy hot which I like!

BK had the roast chicken which he gives a 6/10. Why? It was a bit bland and did not have any kicks to the taste unlike the ribs. It was also dry and not as moist as we wanted it. This can definitely be better.


  1. Slice of chocolate cake (N750)
  2. Apple crumble with vanilla ice cream & mixed berries compote (N1,600)


Thoughts: Was unable to get a picture of the chocolate cake as we had that in a hurry as it was too nice!!! (lol). As for the apple crumble, the crust was too hard for me but was still nice.

Verdict: This gets an FIL 4/5. Total damage at C&C was N19,250

The service here was really good and I loved my waiter – Shout out to Osita! The manager I think would check in randomly to see if we liked our meal and generally to ensure everything is fine. Its admirable when people take their business seriously as customer service is key to surviving especially in Lagos.

Will I be going back to C&C? Most definitely! Have you been here? If yes, what did you think?

Where are they? Crust and Cream is at 11, Musa Yaradua Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.


6 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Crust and Cream, Lagos

    • I sure will try the steak next time. I really really loved it there and I think in terms of pricing, its really not so bad. Service delivery is more key for me and if the food is good too, double plus then! Thanks Lams.

  1. They have the best pasta carbonara and shrimp and chicken creole in lagos.The carrot cake is to die for. i go there at least once a week lol

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