Where Strangers Meet…

I had always known about a place called ‘Stranger’ in Lekki due to work and leisure but thought it was a boutique of some sort until recently, I discovered it was so much more.

My Food tank was low on a particular Sunday and that was how I found out that Stranger was indeed a concept store and café offering clothing and accessories. I had gone to meet up with Lumi who was doing a little project there and had invited me for lunch. Initially I was like ‘Stranger? food? seriously?’  and I raced there to see what was going on. Arrived at Strangers and I was not disappointed. Loved the atmosphere and the irregularity of the space immediately I stepped in. It is a small space but very well managed I must say.

So apparently, they have this lunch thing they do on Sundays with different menu’s every week by the Chef – Adetomi (@heelsinthekitchenng). How could I have just found out?? *Pulls hair*

The name ‘Stranger’ for a place might seem weird but I  love it! One of the most interesting things for me in the “Magenta Room” which is also the café, was the table. It sits about 10 persons I think and its so open that you are pretty much eased into talking to the strangers around you (you see what I did there?). I’m no architect and I just admired it as art really and have no idea about the origin of this wonderful table. I mean, it created this friendly atmosphere and just good banter and smiles as we enjoyed our meals. I want one!

Magenta Room

This particular Sunday, on the menu was Jamaican with Jerk Chicken and Oxtails for the mains and some really really REALLY AMZING Bread Pudding!!! This pudding was oh soo soo good my goodness.


For starters, I had the BBQ meatballs. This tasted good and I could tell that it had gone through some work!

Starter Meatballs and BBQ Sauce

For the main course, they had run out of Jerk Chicken and so I had the Oxtail with Rice and Peas (Beans). Now a little history here – growing up, I never really had rice and beans as a combination except from the one I had at lunch in school  by Aunty Maggi and I would always ask for more. When I am used to something, Its so hard to just have something else. For example, I only like Mr Biggs’ meatpie.. lol. So this Rice and Peas, I was like hmmmmn will it kill my memories of that of Aunty Maggi or nah? Well, let me say this, it did not! Whoop!

Main Course

Having the Rice and Peas here was more of an adventure as it is not something I am used to (one-way street…) and in all fairness, it was not bad at all. For those of you that love this combo, you might probably confess to it being Amazeballs and all. Slowly and surely, I might grow into this combo.

As for the Oxtail, it was somewhat tender and not too shabby really but I would have preferred to have chicken but I was late :(.

The crunchiness of the coleslaw made up for my loss.


The meal comes with a complimentary glass of wine (Red or White).

For Dessert, I had the most amazing Bread pudding ever!

YESS!! If I had known how awesome this was going to be, might have just had this as a 3-course meal and called it a night. I think this has to be one of the best bread puddings I have had and gets a 5/5 from me! The picture below does not do this justice.



I actually look forward to being a regular here and I will be sure not to be late and miss some chicken next time.

Interior  More interior More interior 2


For a total of about N6,500 for the meal, this was not bad!

Where is Stranger? 3 Hakeem Dickson Street, Lekki 1

Verdict: All in all, this gets a FIL 3/5. Good food and Good people!

Have you been here? What did you think? Do share with us.

Shouts to Lumi of Lumi Photography for some of these pictures


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