Another Day in the Company of Strangers…

So I was at Stranger again on a Sunday for more of Heels in the Kitchen’s lovely food. I had seen the menu some days before and screamed for joy at the sight of Mash and Pork Chops. Why scream for joy right because Mash is basic? Well I will tell you why. Getting properly and well done Mash in Lagos has been so hard and a painful journey of kissing many frogs. I think I just found my Prince!


There was a starter which I was not interested in as I just wanted a main meal plus I am not a big fan of Tomato soup and I made sure I got there on time as I wanted Pork and not chicken. As usual, my meal came with a complimentary glass of wine. I love my red.

Lunch at Strangers

Main: Mashed Potatoes, Pork Chops and Bacon Greens

Dessert: Pineapple Creme Brulee

When I got my meal, I was thinking they forgot to add a sauce like gravy, butter sauce etc which I still think was forgotten but one scoop of my mash and I was like wow! Perfection! After a taste, it was not so bad without a side sauce. I had to ask what she did but of course she did not tell me :(. It was just right and probably the best mash I have had in Lagos (No jokes). The Pork Chops at first bite first had this salty tingle but it really was just as a result of how well seasoned it was. Delicious!!! The Bacon greens…. It was not spinach but local Nigerian leaves with strips of Bacon which was really creative and lovely.

For dessert, I had the Creme Brulee *sigh* It was amazing. I really wanted the bread pudding but that was not on the menu and had been served last week (ugh!). This was so so good and hardly had that strong fruity taste I have experienced with some CB.

Again! Another Sunday lunch at Stranger was amazing. I think I need a loyalty card or something because Sundays just got better! Lumi spotted this glass and its imperfection… I think its cute.

insta strange-11


Everyone deserves to have at least one Lunch at Stranger experience which happens every Sunday since February. Well done Chef Imoteda.

Cost: N5,500

Where is Stranger? 3 Hakeem Dickson Street, Lekki 1

Verdict: All in all, this gets a FIL 4.3/5

Have you been here? What did you think? Do share with us.


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