#Foodiesnaps: Roadster Burger N Grills

Hey guys,

Apologies for being away.. been having more fun on Instagram and Facebook instead x_x. If you aren’t following FIL on those platforms, you should as something is coming soon and you wouldn’t want to miss it. 🙂

Now on to the #FoodieSnap of the day – Roadster Burger N Grills (“RBG”). Found out about this spot through Living in Lekki’s Instagram post and coincidentally I was starving that night and craving some ribs. Her post was too tempting to ignore and I raced down there to see if it was worth it based on the recommendation about checking it out. This place opened up about two months ago.

LivinginLekkiOn getting there, RBG was really a food shack/stall structure with plastic chairs and tables for those who wanted to eat-in. `There is indoor sitting and outdoor but honestly, the indoor sitting is a shared arrangement with an African restaurant which is pretty basic. Don’t have high expectations in terms of aesthetics. Its nothing fancy and I guess its strictly for those who are hungry to get in and out real quick.

What did I eat?

I had the Roadster Spare Lamb Ribs

Spare Lamb Ribs

Note: The image above presents half a portion of the ribs as I asked to have half of it as take out.

How much did it cost?

N4,500 with a choice of side of either fries or coleslaw. All meals come with either fries or coleslaw and a soft drink of your choice. Initially I felt this was expensive when compared to the experience at Orela but I somehow forgot to include the price. I remember the BBQ Ribs being in the region of N3,500-N4,000 but it seems this price has been reviewed upwards. Then again, N4,500 might just be alright as it seems Ribs are generally in this pricing range in Lagos or is it just me?

The Burgers are N2,000 – N3,000 and Hotdogs cost N1,500

Was it worth it?

It wasn’t bad but I was just uncomfortable especially with the mosquitoes making me slap myself rather than focusing on eating my food (lol).

The ribs were well done and the meat came off the bone easily. It was also well seasoned. The type of seasoning that goes into the meat and you nod your head in approval. It was a little spicy (pepper) which I think non-pepper lovers can manage.

Where are they?

Roadster Burger N Grills is located at 4, Wole Olateju Crescent (Waterside), Lekki 1




4 thoughts on “#Foodiesnaps: Roadster Burger N Grills

    • Aww. It tasted really good and I loved how spicy and sweet at the same time it was. I have never had the chance to go restaurant hopping in Abuja whenever I’m in town.. Sniff… But if i do hear anything, I will let you know where decent ribs can be found

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