Restaurant Review – Izanagi

Izanagi is a Japanese restaurant  by Piccolo Mondo and also has some affiliation with BlowFish – I guess same ownership.

Nom Nom

Izanagi is one of those places I go to for quality sushi in Lagos and if it is good, I will make so much noise about it till you go. I remember when I told Yewande of SLTFT about getting Sushi in Lagos some years back, she was in disbelief  but this is what she had to say here  and I ended up having a mini review in the comment section.

Based on my Sushi experiences in Lagos, Izanagi is top on the list and undoubtedly #1. You can easily tell it was well thought out from the decor to the uniforms of the staff and general look and feel.

So yes people! There is sushi in Lagos which is done under the best hygienic conditions (I hope, because I have not had any issues yet and I have the most sensitive tummy ever). Most sushi bars make the sushi in front of you and not behind closed doors in a kitchen so you can judge for yourself.

Izanagi Menu

I’ve been to Izanagi many times before this and this review was when we were a much larger party and it was a good opportunity to try out more things from the menu.

Warning: Please note, this place is on the high side in terms of pricing.

Izanagi has this peaceful ambience which is bright and warm and that just cheers me up. The manager is always so helpful and always smiling and who doesn’t love a cheerful looking face? 🙂

For starters, we had the Crispy Coconut Prawns. The Prawns are coated with Coconut and are deep friend and served with chilli sauce.

Not sure why starters are expensive in Lagos and will you believe this was N2,000?

Crispy Cocunut Prawns

Crispy Cocunut Prawns

Crispy Coconut Prawns

Also for starters was the ‘Dynamite Shrimp’ which was basically crispy shrimps tossed in what Izanagi calls zesty caramelized sauce.

Dynamite Shrimp

Dynamite Shrimp

This isn’t bad but if you have sensitive gums like mine and bruise easily, this will be a slight struggle but Yummy.

Dynamite Shrimps  We also had ‘Shake’ – Salmon coriander slices and izuzukuri sauce


This was a first for me and was alright as Ifeltt it was more like a sophisticated Sashimi since it was N3,500 (Lol)

Now for the mains, we had the Izanagi Dragon, Chef Special Rainbow Maki, and Izanagi Twins.


Izanagi Twins

I always recommend the Izanagi Dragon for those who are new to Sushi.

This is because it is not totally raw as most have dears of eating raw food and all. LOL

So Sushi newbies, Sushi is yummy and Sushi is Bae!

The Izanagi Twins is really creamy with cheese and crunchy salmon and has a little spiciness to it which I like.

Chef Special Rainbow Maki: This is one item on the menu I really love. Its a mixture of Crab, Unagi, Mayo Wrap with Salmon Tuna Hamachi (Yum!!!)


Izanagi Dragon and the Chef Special Rainbow Maki

For Dessert, wanted to try something new and had the Tempura Cheesecake!! Guys!!! This was so beautiful and the way it melted in my mouth… Sigh…

Initially I was not sure if it would be a good idea as Tempura is really anything Fried in batter and it was only N300 more in price than the normal strawberry cheese cake

Tempura CheesecakeThe slice of the cheese cake was a good size and enough to share.

Drink: Had a mocktail called the Berry Caiprinha which was a mixture of mixed berries, lime and Apple Juice. I am a big fan of apple juice so no complaints here

Berry Caipirinha

Breakdown is as follows:

  1. Crispy Coconut Prawns (2 Pieces) = NGN 2,000
  2. Dynamite Shrimps = NGN 3,500
  3. Izanagi Dragon = NGN 3,800
  4. Shake = NGN 3,500
  5. Berry Caipirinha = NGN 1,750
  6. Tempura Cheesecake = NGN 2,500
  7. Izanagi Twins = NGN 3,800
  8. Chef Special Rainbow Maki = N1,800

If you are looking to have quality Sushi in Lagos, Izanagi is the place to go though its quite pricy. Ask for the Izanagi Dragon – This is how I initiate folks! (Wink)

Izanagi does not open on Mondays and is open from Tuesdays – Sundays.

Where is Izanagi?

19B, Idejo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos Tel: 0706 222 2222

Have you been  here and what did you think?


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