Healthy Munching with Diet Munchers

So I decided to try something new and this time, my work lunch was from Diet Munchers (“DM”). They had been popping up on my Instagram and some Snap Chat users had put up pictures of their food from DM. So I tried it out especially as pictures on their website and instagram looked really good and more like home-cooked meals.

DM Site

I called and made my order at 12:00pm and straight up asked when to expect my food just to make sure that my expectations would not be cut short (lol) and the lady over the phone said at about 1:45pm since it was raining and there was some traffic.

They had two specials available for Monday.

  1. Stir fry Vegetables with Chicken in CousCous or Wheat Pasta – N1,700 – My choice but with Couscous
  2. Stir Fry Vegetables with seafood irish potato – N1,800

Both meal options were supposedly 550 calories according to information on their site but I know nothing about counting calories, so no comments on that.  Food came exactly at 1:45pm which was the promised time of delivery from Lekki 1 to Marina and I was quite impressed. Cool points!

Packaging: The food was hot and came in a round bowl.

I particularly liked the fork it came it as it was strong enough to fight any stubborn chicken ha ha!

It was clean and there was no spill in the plastic bag it came in. The delivery man was also neat and polite. More cool points!


Portion of the meal: the bowl had a good depth and portion appeared okay from the outside but as I dug into my meal, it was filled more with hugely diced carrots and peppers which kind of disguised the actual portion of the meal.

The Meal: The Couscous was not soggy which I liked but the garnishing of the vegetables especially the carrots and peppers was a bit too much for me. With every fork of cous, I had about three huge diced carrots – these were cut too big and they were somewhat tough to chew.

This didn’t particularly help me with enjoying the actual meal. But now that I think of it, the description of the meal did say ‘stir fry vegetables in couscous’. Could it be that the vegetables was the actual meal?  I mean, it’s meant to munch the diet I think and have healthier meals. I was not happy.

After I uploaded the picture on Instagram, DM commented… LOL.. I guess I was right about the healthy part but that doesn’t mean one should be eating parboiled veggies though…

Instagram Comment

The meal was spicy! As in Spicy hot pepper! My goodness! I come from an ethnic group that loves pepper but I could not handle this one and could only eat about 40% of my meal. If you cannot handle so much pepper, it will better to request when making the order that they tone down the hotness of the meal. I did not realize there was such an option because the lady who took my order did not bother to ask me how spicy I wanted my meal only to now see on their site that there is the option for the food to be made less spicy after my meal had been delivered (sad face) – no cool points.

I had to put the rest of my meal away to have as dinner but my lovely Grandma gave me some fried meat from Sallah Celebrations and I washed that down with freshly squeezed pineapple and orange juice. The leftover of my food is still sitting pretty in the fridge and I doubt I will have it later except I am ready to battle in Pepper Wars.

The price is rather high especially for daily consumption at a price of N1,700.  To think that this price Is actually a discounted price, I can only wonder what the full price is – does not work for me or my pocket. Also, the delivery charge of N600 was also too much. I’d advise you order with a friend or colleague to split the delivery charge.

Not sure I will be having this meal again from DM but I’m curious to know how the other meals taste  but not in a hurry. There is room for improvement and will be keeping a close watch.

In summary, for those who love pepper and partly boiled veggies, this might be for you but it did not work for me.

Who has had this before from DM and what was your experience? Please share in the comment box below

DM’s healthy eating kitchen is located at 9B Ayinde Akinmade, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos


Phone: 0809 770 2255 and 0805 777 6211

6 thoughts on “Healthy Munching with Diet Munchers

  1. I actually order from Diet Munchers at least twice a week. Try their chicken wheat pasta, DELICIOUS! It best to tel them exactly how you want your food.
    Their juices too are quite good !

  2. I love the idea of these new businesses springing up that provide healthy alternatives (i am an avid fit fam-er). What puts me off though is the huge delivery price that these businesses charge. They will deliver to other people around the same area but still charge you 600 naira for delivery. ahhh come on.. i know petrol is expensive but do they have to use me to fuel all their cars?
    might give them a try though.

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