About Foodie in Lagos

Hello, Thank you for stopping by Foodie in Lagos (“FIL”) 🙂

‘Foodie in Lagos’ was birthed as a result of the love and adventure for all things food and constant requests by friends for referrals on good places to eat depending on the occasion. This is why ‘Foodie in Lagos’ exists. FIL also offers referral services and you can contact me for more information on this.

There is not so much to know about me. I am a Foodie and I am based in LAGOS. I try to keep my reviews as straight to the point as much as possible and also without bias. FIL will be sharing my obsession (I think) being Food – GOOD FOOD!

That’s about it folks………….Feel free to subscribe to FIL. I’m open to receiving emails on anyhow you may need help and if you would like to contribute to the blog as well. Contact me on themainfoodie@foodieinlagos.com and you can also connect with FIL on twitter: @Foodieinlagos Instagram: @Foodieinlagos

Have a foodicious day


DISCLAIMER The posts herein are personal and reflect personal opinions and should not be used without express permission.

COPYRIGHT © FoodieinLagos Using and/or duplicating of any material on this blog and website without express and written permission or authorization from this blog’s author and owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided absolute and distinct credits are given to © FoodieinLagos with appropriate reference to content source. For permission to use any material on this blog, please email themainfoodie@foodieinlagos.com


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