#Foodiesnaps: Roadster Burger N Grills

Hey guys,

Apologies for being away.. been having more fun on Instagram and Facebook instead x_x. If you aren’t following FIL on those platforms, you should as something is coming soon and you wouldn’t want to miss it. 🙂

Now on to the #FoodieSnap of the day – Roadster Burger N Grills (“RBG”). Found out about this spot through Living in Lekki’s Instagram post and coincidentally I was starving that night and craving some ribs. Her post was too tempting to ignore and I raced down there to see if it was worth it based on the recommendation about checking it out. This place opened up about two months ago.

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Restaurante Di Yakoyo – Stop By and Be Full

Typical work week in Lagos is plagued with traffic and with the recent fuel scarcity; Lagos has been a mad house.

I love local food and bukka’s which I am sure is not surprising by now. I’m equally delighted when I discover new spots to share with you guys! Whoop! So that is how I found myself at a place called Yakoyo African Restaurant thanks to my colleague and traffic. If you speak or understand the Yoruba language, the term ‘Yakoyo’ it literally means to ‘stop by and be full’. No jokes and indeed I stopped by and left very full.

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Another Day in the Company of Strangers…

So I was at Stranger again on a Sunday for more of Heels in the Kitchen’s lovely food. I had seen the menu some days before and screamed for joy at the sight of Mash and Pork Chops. Why scream for joy right because Mash is basic? Well I will tell you why. Getting properly and well done Mash in Lagos has been so hard and a painful journey of kissing many frogs. I think I just found my Prince!


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All That Glitters Is Not Gold – Maison Fahrenheit

I had watched this building spring up in the heart of VI and waited patiently for it to begin operations. Before eventually trying this place out, I had heard varying opinions about this place around how expensive it was and all that. This cannot be that bad I thought till I visited and realized that you know what, all that glitters is indeed not gold. This was the case of Maison Fahrenheit (“MF”).

Colourful Horse

interior 2

Externally, the structure is beautiful and internally from the reception lovely paintings hanging on the walls and lovely lighting making me fall in love. MF is a hotel with a restaurant and a rooftop bar (Rue 80) as with most hotels in the city of Lagos. I really had high hopes for MF but my expectation was cut short especially with its level of disorganization.

It is a known fact that Friday nights in Lagos are crazy and if you own a restaurant/bar, ideally you should be prepared for a crowd or a busy night.

Random Lagos Friday night at MF was a complete disaster. From trying to park the car to getting a table was just stressful.

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Where Strangers Meet…

I had always known about a place called ‘Stranger’ in Lekki due to work and leisure but thought it was a boutique of some sort until recently, I discovered it was so much more.

My Food tank was low on a particular Sunday and that was how I found out that Stranger was indeed a concept store and café offering clothing and accessories. I had gone to meet up with Lumi who was doing a little project there and had invited me for lunch. Initially I was like ‘Stranger? food? seriously?’  and I raced there to see what was going on. Arrived at Strangers and I was not disappointed. Loved the atmosphere and the irregularity of the space immediately I stepped in. It is a small space but very well managed I must say.

So apparently, they have this lunch thing they do on Sundays with different menu’s every week by the Chef – Adetomi (@heelsinthekitchenng). How could I have just found out?? *Pulls hair*

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Lets Take It Local: Amala, Abula and All the La La’s

I have met people who will say something like ‘oh I’d rather go where I eat for cheaper and be fuller’ or ‘I am not really into all this mede mede and I will rather go to the Buka or Mama Putt’.. sounds familiar?

Well then, if you know such people or you are one of such, then this post might be of interest to you.  Lagos Island/Marina is gifted with so much food that it is so unfair really to our bodies and work productivity. For a very long time I had been going to this place where I always just refer to as ‘First Bank Amala’ or ‘Coca Cola’ just because its across the HQ of the Bank and its also branded heavily by Coca Cola and I was shocked to see that they actually had more than Amala there (lol).

I remember not loving Amala so much while growing up and I can not place what changed. Maybe it was the Amala Shitta I had or the Just Amala in Ikeja I had or was it Iya Eba? Yes clearly I have eaten Amala in a lot of different buka’s in the city of Lagos and constantly looking for more spots. Where are my Amala People??? I might just be tempted to do a post on Amala joints in Lagos.

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#FoodieSnaps: Orela Bar & Restaurant

On a random evening (as usual), M and I went to Orela Bar & Restaurant to have dinner.

Orela is one of those cozy places that is rarely busy or pretty much empty and this leaves me wondering because the food is really on point! I first heard about this place from a friend of mine and it was just amusing because I had never actually noticed it was there no matter how many times I drove on the road where it is located.

Anyways what did we have right?

M – BBQ Beef Ribs and Fries

BBQ Ribs

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